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Our Mission

Art Eco seeks to expand the cultural and economic aspects of art by focusing on out-of-center artists. By recognizing the trends, currents, and art markets of the region, as well as being aware of the views and tastes of art audiences at home and abroad.

Our Services

Buy and Sell Artworks

At Art Eco, you can easily buy or sell your desired works. Due to the wide range of galleries with different art worlds, from collectors to interior designers, buyers and sellers, and other art galleries, we try to make it possible for you to buy and sell works of art in a simple and fast way…

Authentication and Evaluation of Artworks

If you are the owner of a work by a well-known Iranian artist and you intend to sell it, enter your work information and offer price in the artwork estimation form and send it to us. Our sales experts try to present your desired work to a wide range of buyers and collectors and sell your work in the shortest possible time and at the most reasonable price…

Talent Search and Introduction of New Artists

Discovering, guiding, and helping to guide and nurture new and pure talents is an integral part of the mission of any art gallery. Undoubtedly, having a vision of the leading path and correct and principled planning in the competitive world of art is an advantage that prevents wasting time trying and not repeating the mistakes of others…

Consulting to Collect and Promote Art Collections

One of the most important services of an art gallery is consulting and helping to explain and promote the art collections of individuals and organizations. This job requires expertise, experience, and access to international databases, and Art Eco Gallery has proven its ability in this important matter by knowing the above points and gaining the trust of its customers…

Promoting the International Status of Artists

Art Eco always supports Iranian artists (especially out-of-center and city-based artists) to foreign galleries and museums, art galleries, biennials, prestigious auction houses, and other platforms. It tries to jump and grow artists.

NFT Services


Create your own NFTs. Here at Art Eco, we offer all services for launching an NFT collection. From graphic design to blockchain development, we help Iranian artists design and launch their own successful NFT collections. We will help you achieve your goals even if you have no idea how NFTs really work. In our opinion, NFTs are the future and everyone should experience using or selling them.