Promoting the International Status of Artists

Promoting the International Status of Artists

Artists in their professional pursuit of the status of the artist and emerging talent gradually and by gaining more experience and skills and participating in numerous art events and domestic exhibitions to participate in international arenas and participate in important regional art events and Universal prepare. During this journey, ArtEco always supports Iranian artists (especially out-of-center and city-based artists) to foreign galleries and museums, art galleries, biennials, prestigious auction houses, and other platforms. It tries to jump and grow artists.

Supporting artists from the first days of cooperation by helping to optimize the artist’s professional resume, organizing collections and works, reviews, articles, and publications, continuous introduction to the media, creating a dedicated website, and regular and targeted introduction in networks Social, holding individual and group exhibitions and finally introducing the principles of the artist and his works to international art institutions.

For this purpose, the international art markets are always and carefully monitored by us, and each artist, according to the nature of his art, is introduced to an area that is suitable for the style and artistic taste of the people there. Unintentional introduction of an artist to an art event can cause irreparable damage to his future and his art market, so the experience and expertise of the artist’s representative in recognizing the right time, place, art event, proper selection of works, is vital during the artist’s career.

Therefore, it is necessary for the gallery and the artist’s representative to have full control over different types of occasions and artistic events and to have the ability, facilities, and special connections to participate in each event because considering the sensitive situation of Iran in the current situation, it is very important that the works How to be selected, how and under what conditions to be transported and returned to the destination without current problems due to current sanctions and problems related to financial transactions, the artist and his works.

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